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Aaron Ohlmann is a filmmaker who has lived and worked in Hollywood, Bollywood, Nollywood, Hillywood, and a few places without pet names like Beijing and Mogadishu.

He’s produced and directed television for VICE, including upcoming episodes about the global black market shot in Cameroon, Japan and China.

He spent a year working at the United Nation’s Intenational Criminal Tribunal for the Rwandan Genocide, where he developed projects throughout East Africa, including a film for the UNICTR and an online archive created in partnership with Folkert Gorter and David Clair.

He co-directed the UN’s video campaign for the first World Humanitarian Summit featuring Daniel Craig, Michael Douglas, Forest Whitaker, and Rosario Dawson.

Together with Nirvan Mullick he directed the anthem video for the COP21 Paris Climate Conference featuring Jack Black, and produced a follow up film featuring Morgan Freeman. Together the videos received over ten million views and helped generate 1.4 billion Twitter impressions.

In Cuba he produced, edited and shot Viva Cuba Libre about controversial hiphop artists Los Aldeanos. Now available on iTunes, it was Amnesty International’s selection for their Movies That Matter series and received the DocU Award Nomination at IDFA.

He’s created three feature docs with Rene Daalder, including a film about artist Bas Jan Ader that was cited by Art Info Magazine as one of the top 20 must-see art films. Also in collaboration with Rene was The Terrestrials about LSD guru Timothy Leary, and an upcoming film about architect Rem Koolhaas called Leaning Towers.

He produced and cut a pair of music videos for YACHT, directed videos and live visuals for Fol Chen, created experiments for Beijing indie legends White+, and in Nigeria made a mildly provocative music video for General Pype that was banned from MTV Africa.

In partnership with Special Order Inc, he creates branded content for some of the world’s leading companies and nonprofits, including projects like this, that and the other for VISA, mood pieces like this for Intel, a web series for Scion, a product launch video for Motorola, a concert film for Nintendo, Caine’s Arcade 2 for the Imagination Foundation, and this & that for TED.

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